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Aidan is a Yorkie with a broken paw who we recently rescued. We’re not talking a minor fracture here—as you can see from his x-ray, HIS PAW IS COMPLETELY BROKEN INTO TWO and hangs

limply in the air when he walks. Treatment for serious breaks in dogs usually comes down to money with many owners and rescues opting to AMPUTATE due to the high cost of fixing the broken bone. An orthopedic specialist can put the paw back together again with metal pins and plates—but this does not come cheap. Our vet has quoted us the discounted rate of $2700 for the surgery. Due to Aidan’s young age, we feel strongly about saving his paw. Aidan is ONLY TWO YEARS OLD and has so many years left. If you agree with us about saving this sweetie’s paw, please donate to help him. Your donation is tax free and can be made online at or visit our website for more donation options at

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