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Sweet CHR Dogs Need Foster Homes

Fosters needed for some incredibly sweet dogs! CHR is in urgent need for long term foster homes. Several of the dogs needing foster homes have come from neglected past.

The first on our list of dogs is Mikey(left). Mikey is a sweet little boy at only one year old. He is very shy when you first meet him so a quiet, low traffic home would suit him best. A backyard is needed due to his fear of walks right now. If you have such a home, please contact us ASAP at

The next dog needing a foster home is Anna(right). Anna is a complete doll but sadly her fear of people has made her a CHR longer term project. The ideal foster home for

Anna is a quiet home with a yard and a foster parent with a lot of patience to help her with her house training. We're dedicated to providing our foster parents with the tools and supplies to help with their foster dog. For Anna's care we will provide positive reinforcement training to help Anna overcome her fears in a responsible and humane manner. We repeatidly help dogs like Anna so we have the formula to help her overcome her fears faster and less stress free for her foster guardians. Currently, Anna is being fostered in a home without a yard and for her case she would definately benefit with a fenced yard. We hope you have a kind heart and the patience CHR is hoping for. Contact us if you can foster. If you can't foster, please pass around CHR's need for foster parents to your friends and family.

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