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Holiday Story 2016 Derby

As the New Year approaches, we like to look back at the many challenges and heartfelt adoption placements this year and in previous years. Take a moment to read a rescue dog's story to a loving forever home. Throughout the week we will be posting the stories on some of our adopted dogs.

Derby's Holiday Story-

My miniature poodle-mix Derby was adopted July 5, 2013 at age-3 from Caring Hearts Rescue in Springfield, VA. I adopted Derby a month after losing my rescued bichon-mix dog Angel to lymphoma cancer at age-14. Angel was a senior dog with health issues, and she only lived 3.5 years with me.

Due to healthcare costs, I did not believe I could afford another dog, and I was becoming very depressed. While some friends kept saying, "Take your time before getting another dog." Others were encouraging me to get another dog. So I decided to start searching online for adoptable dogs. I found Derby within 2-weeks at Caring Hearts Rescue, and I was allowed to foster 2-weeks to ensure Derby was a good match.

Although Derby was dealing with separation anxiety and aggression issues, I knew after 2-weeks I was not going to return him. Derby is very smart. He completed Obedience I and II at Unleashed by PETCO in November 2013. He is still dealing with separation anxiety, but showing improvements.

I have enrolled Derby in a Basic Obedience class at Mt Vernon Dog Training Club starting October 11, 2016 to specifically work on heel, and other basic commands. Upon completion, I plan to enroll him in a Canine Good Citizen class to work towards achieving the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate in 2017. Derby is my best friend and faithful companion. Every year, we spend a week in Ocean City, MD strolling the boardwalk, relaxing and mingling with other dogs and pet parents. I have met people in my neighborhood by walking Derby.

I am a retired single woman without children. I adopted my first dog Angel 6- months after completing chemotherapy for colon cancer in 2009. After I lost Angel to lymphoma cancer in 2013, adopting Derby a month later from Caring Hearts Rescue was a blessing. He is my fur-kid, best friend and faithful companion.

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