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Oliver Needs a Foster Home

Oliver is one of the 14 dogs recently rescued from a neglectful home. The dogs were abandoned in a home filled with feces and urine. By the matting of their coats, we don't think the dogs were ever groomed in their lives. It took hours just to shave one dog due to the layers of mats. Many dogs had to be put under to be shaved due to the painful condition the matting was causing them. During his time in foster care, Oliver will relax while we search for a forever home. He is really a loving little boy who wants nothing more than to be by your side and receive love. We know there is someone out there that can help foster this sweetie. Please take a moment to read more about this special boy.

Donations Needed! If you can't foster please consider donating to help these neglected dogs while they are in their foster homes getting rehabilitated.

History- Backyard Breeder

Behavioral Status- Oliver warms up slowly to other dogs after a day or two. Providing him with human treats like cut up hot dogs and cheese will help Oliver warm up faster. Oliver should be kept separate for a day or more to help him mentally unwind and accept his new surroundings. Holistic behavioral support will be made available. By providing him with the emotional support, Oliver will blossom.


Oliver dances for attention after a few days of figuring out he is safe. He gives kisses and loves cuddles. Oliver runs outside for potty breaks. He’s a very loving boy but he is timid and will need positive reinforcement support to help him transition into a new home easier. We estimate 2 months of behavioral support will propel this little angel into a more confident little fella.


Oliver is around 12 pounds and only a few years old. Oliver just had a dental. He was neutered at the time of his rescue. He is current on heartworm preventative and was micro-chipped. He is currently on holistic medications to help him cope with the stress of being taken away from his brother and sisters from the hoarding case. CHR will provide all fosters with anything needed to make their foster dog thrive.

Oliver is a sweetheart who LOVES to cuddle and follow you everywhere.

He just needs a few days to relax and unwind before exposing him to other dogs.

Please help us find this baby a quiet, all adult home with a fully

fenced yard. He’s is a special little boy and we promise you the work needed to get him

into a social butterfly will be rewarding to you.

We think your heart will melt when you start caring for this little sweetie. Oliver just needs a quiet home to unwide. With your help, we can provide him with the emotional support needed while we search for his new forever home.

Please contact us ASAP if you can foster this cutie!

Email us at

Foster Form-


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