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Are Your Dog’s Allergies Driving Your Dog…and YOU Crazy?!

Join Us for a Free Workshop on Holistic Solutions to Treating and Preventing Canine Allergies*

• Does your dog suffer from chronic allergies? • Do you feel like you’ve done everything and MORE to try and resolve your dog’s allergies? • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the financial and emotional stress of caring for your dog’s allergies?

Shelters and rescue groups frequently see dogs that have been surrendered because their owners can no longer handle the financial and emotional burden of caring for a dog with severe, chronic allergies. In extreme cases, some owners consider euthanizing their pets because they have run out of options to treat their allergies.

Caring Hearts Rescue has years of experience rehabilitating dogs with severe allergies, including dogs that were about to be euthanized. We are holding a free workshop to share our knowledge with dog owners who are experiencing this issue and don’t know what else to do to treat and prevent their dog’s allergies. We know that there are a lot of you out there and we want to help!

DATE—Saturday, October 28th TIME—12 to 1:30PM LOCATION—Richard Byrd Library in Springfield, VA

Join us for this informational workshop that will give you some tools to help you keep your dog’s allergies under control.


*Overview of the most common types of allergies in dogs. *The role that dog food plays in causing or preventing allergies and the different type of diets available for allergies including: raw, special allergy diets, high-quality commercial diets and home cooking. **Live home cooking demonstration at the event** *Natural supplements that promote skin and overall health. *Special shampoos to reduce the effects of skin allergies. *Ways to control indoor and outdoor allergens that can wreak havoc on a dog’s skin. *A presentation of real allergy cases we have healed through holistic and conventional means.

Free samples and handouts!

As we have limited space, please register prior to attending the workshop: Register here-

*Please note that we are not offering medical advice, just sharing our knowledge regarding holistic approaches to preventing and treating allergies.

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