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How You Can Help

Online via PayPal or credit card:


A $25+ donation keeps CHR functioning and our rescued dogs healthy, covering costs such as heartworm preventative, topical flea protection, dog food, and the compounded medications we often use.


Your $100 will save a dog's life. We hate to have to turn dogs away due to lack of funding. With your help we can treat the medically needy wating for our help! 



Your donation of $1,000+ will save multiple CHR rescue dogs.  This funding will allow us to take in more dogs and treat the conditions most frequently seen. Bladder stone removal, eye surgeries and cruciate repairs are several of the expensive medical procedures we are confronted with frequently. With your donation of $1,000+ you will be a savior to the dogs left with little hope of being rescued.




Every penny makes a difference. Just look at our rescue dog Lilly, for example. When she first came to CHR, Lilly was emaciated at only 6 pounds. She suffered from eye ulcers, low thyroid, lyme disease, skin infection and malnutrition. It took multiple blood chemistries to diagnose her problems, but with medications, good food and supplements she has a new stunning appearance and condition. Her spirit went from broken to joyful with YOUR help. Having the funds to cover medical bills like this saved her life. Many times older dogs are overlooked because a rescue can’t afford the medical treatment necessary to restore them to health, but CHR is committed to helping these neglected senior souls. Because we do not receive government funding, though, we must rely on donations to fund this work. CHR is an IRS-registered nonprofit organization (EIN 26-1203522), and with your tax deductible gift we will continue to save these damaged and uncared for dogs. We want to thank you for your kindness in helping our rescue dogs.  

Donate by Mail:


Caring Hearts Rescue
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Donate Online:

Thank you!

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