About the Safe Haven Sanctuary


While our main goal is to find forever homes for our dogs, some dogs need to stay in our care for the rest of their lives. The Safe Haven Sanctuary was designed to provide a refuge for dogs who:

  • C​​are of advanced age and/or have multiple health issues

  • have serious physical disabilities

  • have serious behavioral problems like a history of multiple bites


​Dogs such as these often don’t make it out of shelters alive. Senior dogs, particularly those with multiple chronic health issues, are among the first to be surrendered by their owners due to the cost and challenge of caring for them. Dogs with significant special needs are also more likely to be rehomed or put to sleep. And dogs with severe behavioral problems—such as a tendency to snap or bite—are often euthanized by their owners or turned in to a shelter which then euthanizes them if a rescue won’t take them. 



12 years old

Mikey came to CHR with some serious health conditions--heart failure and renal failure. He is still being medically treated for all his conditions.



16.5 years old

Gizmo came from a Maryland shelter. He was considered unadoptable due to his bite history. Gizmo is 15 years old.  Gizmo's foster parent—who happens to be a dog trainer—has been working patiently with him and he is now forever safe in our sanctuary. 



11 years old

Teddy came to CHR from a puppy mill.  His fear of the world took over his life.  We address his fears by adding positive vibes and good healthcare--every day of his life.  



12  years old

Toby came to the CHR in rough condition from neglect. His healthy is finally getting better now. 

IMG_1606 (1).jpg


7 years old

Bodhi entered Caring Hearts Rescue in January of 2018. Even though Bodhi is only a few years old, his fear of people dominates his life. Once we commit to a dog, we're in it for the long haul.



12 years old

Bucky came to CHR in 2020. This sweet senior was surrendered due to his former family concerns around him around young children. Bucky is relaxing safely in his 

foster home.  



11 years old

Isabella entered Caring Hearts Rescue in August of 2017. She came from a partner shelter where she was deemed unadoptable due to several bite incidents, including biting one of the vet techs in the face.

Isabella was very neglected, but will spend the rest of her life safe with us! 

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Recent Memorials



13 years old 

Sweet Harley wasn't with us long. He came to CHR with renal disease and cancer. He received the best medical care and support while with us for six months! CHR did provide him with a much-needed dental, so he was comfortable with the time he had left. We miss him dearly.  



18 years old

Dear Quinn (18) also crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year. He was rescued from a shelter when he was minutes from being put to sleep due to severe behavioral issues including a bite history.


Because it was unsafe to adopt him out, we placed him in our Sanctuary. He spent the rest of his life thriving in a foster home that could deal with his behavioral issues and where he was loved and valued. He will be missed by so many of our volunteers.


Little Bit

12 years old

Little Bitt. Dani's sister (12) also passed away from cancer in March of 2021. Her foster can't say nice enough things about the last 6 months caring for Little Bit.  


Little Bit is now with her sister on the Rainbow Bridge.  Knowing they are together is such a peaceful and happy thought. 

Shih Tzu Small.jpg


13 years old 

Rex came to CHR in bad shape. After undergoing an ultrasound and many other tests, Rex was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He lived an additional 8 months in a loving foster home before passing. 



12 years old

Maya, a youthful 12 year old, passed away over the summer from cancer. This little 3-pound munchkin—who you may recall had no teeth and was missing her lower jaw—lived her last days full of energy and demanding attention up until the very end.


Her foster mom delighted in cooking her home-made pureed meals that she “lapped” up. Her foster mom’s daughter was always holding this sweetie and kept her close at all times, so Maya was rarely alone. Although the experience of losing such a dear soul is heartbreaking, knowing that this princess lived her best life during her last year is a blessing to all of us.

Molly (2).jpg


15 years old

Sweet Molly (15) passed away in the summer from late-stage kidney failure. She came to us from a rural shelter after been dropped off to be euthanized.

The shelter staff felt that it was not her time yet and asked us if we would take her. Although she was in rough shape when she came to us and was given just a few months to live, she lived almost a year in a loving foster home, receiving excellent medical care and lots of pampering and home-cooked meals from her foster family. She was loved to the end and passed peacefully in bed with her foster mom.



12 years old

Dani (12) also passed away from cancer this year. This little Angel was such a precious baby.


Lil Bit, her sister, was also diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Lil Bit is alive and well and a member of our Safe Haven Sanctuary. She is receiving medical care and we’re happy to report that she’s doing great.