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About the Safe Haven Sanctuary


While our main goal is to find forever homes for our dogs, some dogs need to stay in our care for the rest of their lives. The Safe Haven Sanctuary was designed to provide a refuge for dogs who:

  • C​​are of advanced age and/or have multiple health issues

  • have serious physical disabilities

  • have serious behavioral problems like a history of multiple bites


​Dogs such as these often don’t make it out of shelters alive. Senior dogs, particularly those with multiple chronic health issues, are among the first to be surrendered by their owners due to the cost and challenge of caring for them. Dogs with significant special needs are also more likely to be rehomed or put to sleep. And dogs with severe behavioral problems—such as a tendency to snap or bite—are often euthanized by their owners or turned in to a shelter which then euthanizes them if a rescue won’t take them. 

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12 years old

Bucky will spend the rest of his life loved in the CHR Safe Haven Sanctuary. He's loving 

life and enjoying everyday. 

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12 years old

After two years trying to find Teddy a home, we decided to keep Teddy safe and loved with us. His medications came to a total of $150.oo a month! 

He's doing great with his forever foster and will be forever safe! 

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10 years old

Lulu came to CHR very neglected. After many visits to the vet, Lulu is stable but in very fragile condition. She will need continued medical care while with CHR. We will send updates on Instagram. 

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