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Donate Your Unused

Gift Cards

Another way you can support our rescue dogs is to donate unused gift cards. On average, each household in the United States has several partially used or completely unused gift cards lying around. Don't let these valuable gift cards go to waste! See below for examples of how your gift cards will be put to use to save homeless animals.

How it Works




Send us your card
Receive Donation 
 Change a dog's life

Mail your gift card to the CHR mailing address at Caring Hearts Rescue P.O. Box 6592 Springfield, VA  22150

Caring Hearts Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit. You will receive a tax deductible receipt

We'll make sure your gift card is used 

for one of the many CHR fundraisers

CHR will has several ways to use your

donated gift cards

1. CHR is working on a program to help shelters deal with the ongoing pet overpopulation problem. CHR is organizing a program to give dog owners an extra incentive to neuter their pets by offering a donated gift card during Spay/Neuter fundraisers. We need LOTS of donated gift cards to get the program rolling! 

2. Your donated gift card will be used in CHR fundraisers that include gift-basket give aways or auctions.  

3.  Is your donated gift card from Walmart, Target, or a similar store that carries dog food and supplies? CHR is always in need of gift cards to help cover the cost of dog food and supplies for our dogs in foster care.

Mail your gift card to:

Caring Hearts Rescue 

P.O. Box 6592 

Springfield, VA  22150

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