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Caring Hearts Reactive Rover Class -August 15

Caring Hearts Reactive Rover

Training Class

(Free for CHR adopters)

Does your dog act like a "Land Shark" on walks?

Do you find yourself apologizing to your neighbors when you go on walks due to your dog's reactive behavior?

If you experience frustration like this, then this may just be the class for you.

As time goes on, many owners accept their dog's barking and lunging behavior because they feel it's just their dog's personality. However, your dog's reactive lunging and barking behaviors on walks is not normal and can actually be causing your dog more long-term harm if the behavior is not addressed with positive reinforcement management and training. Yelling, "NO" and "STOP IT" are just some of the exclamations that you holler out daily while on walks. The problem is that you might be reinforcing the bad behavior and not even know it!

When your dog is over-aroused due to stress and fear on walks, there has to be a way to change the behavior so that the outcome is a more relaxing and enjoyable walk for YOU and your furry friend. Caring Hearts Rescue is offering CHR adopters a free training course to help your pet overcome their reactive behavior on walks. The class will include a one hour presentation without dogs and then 2 additional "hands on" training sessions to get your skills fine tuned with the training it will take to change your "barky walk" to a more relaxed and pleasant experience.

The work involved to help your dog with this annoying behavior will be involved so we're asking that if interested in this class make sure you are mentally and emotionally ready to take on the time and energy to help your furbaby overcome reactive behaviors. We promise you that you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved once you understand why the behaviors occur. The class will also provide you with a better understanding of your dog's emotions and feelings.

Caring Hearts Rescue has a mission to make sure that you have the best experience adopting your new pet now and in the future. Knowing how to deal with dog behavioral issues is beneficial to you, the owner, and to your canine buddy. Having a peaceful partnership is our goal and we're sure to open your eyes to a lot of information about your dog's mind and emotions.

The class is FREE to CHR adopters! If you would like to attend the class and adopted from a Shelter, CHR will give you a discount and offer the class for only a $100 donation. The location of the meeting point will be in Fairfax, Virginia and will be given once you register.

Sign up here to help your furry friend-

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