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Hang Our Flyer and Save Lives


Caring Hearts Rescue has a great opportunity for those looking to help animals. Would you like to help homeless dogs find their "forever" home or a safe foster home to relax in while our rescue searches for a permanent loving home? Hang our flyers in local businesses! This is a great opportunity for middle and high school students who need to complete service hours. 


We're asking you to help us post our promotional flyers at local businesses in the hope that it generates interest in our adoptable pets. By hanging our flyers, you will provide the much-needed community support our dog rescue needs to save many homeless dogs. We have several flyers and hope you pick one or more to hang at various businesses such as veterinary offices, dog groomers, coffee shop bulletin boards, grocery store bulletin boards, laundromats, boutiques, or any business that allows flyers to be hung. To help us record the businesses and dates of posting the flyer, all you have to do is snap a photo of our flyer hanging from the posted bulletin board and send it via text message with the name of the business to our cell phone number. 


All you need is a printer to print the flyers, some push pins (in case the board you visit lacks pins), some tape (in case you need to post it to a window or door) and you're on the road to saving a loving dog who needs help! Check your local dollar store for affordable tape and pins. Please take a few minutes to view our flyers and contact us ANY TIME to discuss this wonderful volunteer opportunity. You have the power to make a difference in a homeless dog's life. The first step is getting involved.   


We look forward to hearing from you! 



"Spring is in the air"

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Experienced Fosters Needed

Quite often CHR takes in dogs with behavioral concerns. It's our mission to rehabilitate dogs, but it takes a motivated foster to want to learn how to correctly help dogs with behavioral concerns. For this reason we made this flyer, just in case that one person with years of experience catches a glimpse of this flyer hanging in a shop.    

Trixie Needs Help

Phillip Needs a Foster Home

Phillip is a special dog. He was neglected in his last home, but we want to provide him with a new start in a safe and loving new home. While we search for that new home, though, Phillip needs a foster home where he can quietly adjust to living a normal new life.  

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Foster no pull tabs

Cute handout for tables

Sometimes you may run into a store that does not have a bulletin board. Printing this flyer on letter paper is a way to hand out information in that case. Want to save paper? Print it 4 to a sheet. This way you can cut the flyer into 4 parts and save paper.

WOW what a flyer

The WOW what a flyer is a great example of what our rescue can do to transform dogs into new dogs. See what kind of difference we can make and know by hanging our flyers YOU are helping to save more dogs.

Senior Dogs NEED HELP

Foster homes for senior dogs are very much needed! Older dogs get left behind in shelters, often they have unaddressed health issues from their previous neglectful owners. We can jump in to save these poor souls, but we need long term fosters to step up and help. This is a very important flyer to post.

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Here are some examples of what a wonderful job our volunteers are doing getting our pleas out! 



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