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Thinking ahead—What we can offer adopters experiencing a loss of income 

Dear CHR family member,


CHR is making sure we think ahead to address the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, we will go to the moon and back to support our CHR pets. We understand that the economy is taking a drastic turn for the worse, so we want to address concerns we all have as pet owners. 


If you are experiencing a loss of income, we want to offer help with your pet-related needs. Please see below to learn how we can help you during these difficult times.


If there’s any other way we can help you and we have not addressed it below, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We cannot stress enough how important the safety and care of our pets and adopters is to us.  


Stay safe,


CHR Team



What we offer: 




Many of you have high-maintenance dogs who require regular grooming. We know the cost of grooming averages around $65 + in this area. If you are experiencing severe financial concerns, CHR will offer free grooming to all of our adopters for the next two months.


The grooming studio is located in Springfield, VA. CHR is planning to offer an affordable do-it-yourself grooming course for the public in the future. Contact us for more information at




Having your pet in safe hands is critical during an emergency. We highly recommend that everyone has a plan in place to board your pet in an emergency.


If you are ill and affected by the virus and run into severe financial concerns, contact us so we can find an open foster home where you can safely board your pet during your illness.




If your finances are strained by the current financial crisis and you have concerns about purchasing dog food, contact us for help.  




As a rescue, CHR is always trying to save money on medications and annual heartworm prevention. If you have concerns about affording heartworm prevention, vaccinating your pet, deworming your pet, or providing your pet with other needed medications, contact us for valuable cost savings on the items we listed.  


We recommend the following steps to safeguard your pet’s health—and your own:


  1. Keep a copy of your pet’s records on hand in case you need it in an emergency. Your vet should be able to email a copy of your pet’s current medical history. 

  2. If your pet is on prescription medication, make sure you have an extra bottle of medicine on hand just in case there is a backup on medication orders.  



If you are in a position to help CHR by donating to support our senior dogs during this crisis, we welcome any donation no matter how small. 

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