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Virtual Foster

Have you ever wanted to help a rescue dog with fostering, but just didn't have the space or time to dedicate to a orphaned rescue dog? 

Well, we have the perfect solution to helping one our precious CHR rescue dogs!  Become a virtual foster parent. 

By becoming a virtual foster parent you can care for one of our CHR dogs in one of the most demanding areas needed, by financially supporting their care while in the Caring Hearts Rescue Program.  


Rescuing a homeless dog is expensive. Rescuing a senior dog, or a dog with medical problems, is very expensive, and we never know the extent of medical problems until diagnostics are done. Not much time is given for us to make the decision to save the life of a dog in poor shape who is sitting at the shelter. Animal shelters do not have the extra funds to pay for extensive diagnostics and for difficult surgeries. If we don't make the decision to save the dog, it may be euthanized to make space for other dogs, or because of visible ailments like injuries or tumors.  The average healthy adult rescue dog costs CHR around $500 to alter and update on all vaccines, heartworm test and fecal test, and that does not include other diagnostics. We often see multiple medical issues on our rescued dogs, and the expense we incur to save them and restore them to health can be in the thousands of dollars. Even for a healthy dog, there is a monthly cost for food, grooming, heartworm and flea preventatives, and added supplements, and the medically challenged dogs also have those expenses. 


When you become a virtual foster parent you will be able to help the senior and special needs dogs. 

Some of our dogs have little hope of being adopted, and will live out their days in the Caring Hearts Forever Foster Sanctuary. Becoming a virtual foster will help offset the cost of medical and other routine care.   Thank you so much! 







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