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IDEAL HOME: For Tessa, CHR is requiring that applicants currently own a toy breed or have a history of owning one in the past. The reason is that toy breeds have special health and safety needs due to their tiny size. We are also requiring a fenced yard of any size. If there are other dogs in the home, we are asking that they weigh no more than 12 pounds.

Meet Tessa!

Tessa is a 1-year-old Imperial Shih Tzu who only weighs 5.5 pounds.

Tessa is a lively little girl who still has a lot of puppy energy. She loves to cuddle with her humans and be close to them. She enjoys playing with toys by herself or engaging in “tag” with other young dogs. She gets along well with other dogs.

Tessa is exclusively trained on fabric pee pads, so she will need a patient parent to train her to eliminate outdoors. Please be aware that pad-trained dogs will pee on rugs because the texture reminds them of pee pads.

We’re asking that her new parents are home during the day because she does have some separation anxiety due to recently losing the only home she’s ever known. Usually separation anxiety decreases over time as rescue dogs adapt to their new situation.

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