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Meet Teddy

Quick Note: Teddy is can be a little obnoxious around other dogs because we think he's just not used to being around them. He's not aggressive but he does irritate other dogs, so we are trying to find him a home without other dogs, if possible.

Hi! I’m Teddy. Or Ted. My foster humans thought it would be a good idea if I used my own voice to introduce myself.

Like many dogs, I lost my family and home through no fault of my own. As you can imagine, it has been a very stressful and uncertain time for me. Maybe you can help. You see, I’m looking for a family to call my own.

What can you expect? All modesty aside, my foster humans tell me I’m very smart, loving, and loyal. I love to walk (something I’m told is good for the human too). After a short adjustment period, we will be BFF’s. I won’t leave your side. Although, I do understand humans have to go to the grocery store (where my food and treats come from) and other places on occasion.

Did I mention that I love to walk? It’s never too early or late to go on a walk. I’m working on sitting and staying when cars go by. Foster human says it is for my safety and well-being. Speaking of sitting and staying, I’m pretty good at it when it comes to treats and letting human put my leash on. Like I said, I’m very smart – no sitting means no walk or treats, so I sit and stay. Okay, I will admit to wiggling and furious tail wagging sometimes instead of sitting. Hey, I’m a dog!

So, can we meet?

Your future bestie,

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