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Age: 7 years old

Weight:13 pounds

Energy level: Low

Ideal home: She will do well in any setting       


Shelby is the embodiment of the mild-mannered Shih Tzu temperament. She is super sweet and greets everyone with a wagging tail. We see so many dogs in rescue, but Shelby is one of those that grabs your heart the moment you meet her. In fact, her foster mom tells us that anyone who adopts her will be a lucky pet parent. She loves to cuddle and be by your side and is quiet and easygoing. And did we mention she is housetrained?

Shelby barks at other dogs on walks because we think she is an only dog and never leash walked. She is currently being fostered with other small dogs. We can’t wait to place her in a home where she will always be loved. We hope that home is you!

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