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The SOS ~ “Saving Our Seniors” Program was developed due to the increasing number of senior and special need animals being discarded by their guardians and a society that feels they have no worth. Many of our SOS animals will never leave the Program because their age or disability is just too great a challenge for most Guardians to undertake. These animals rarely receive any inquiries for adoption and will be forever fostered by one of our loyal volunteers. SOS Program pets receive all recommended medical care including Nutritional supplements necessary to ensure a life of comfort and contentment. One of the key issues we face when committing to the lifetime care of Senior or special need animals is the expense involved with the immediate intake vetting and continued maintenance cost.

As an example take Ginger one of the dogs in our program. Several years ago when Ginger was 14 and had become blind and deaf, her owners no longer had the time and patience needed to care for her and it was decided she must leave her family. We took Ginger into our program,the immediate vetting needed to make her comfortable exceeded $900. We were not surprised at the lack of inquires from potential adopters for our Ginger But we love Ginger, this sweet senior is now 17 years old and Kidney failure has begun to rear its ugly head. Ginger gets blood-work every few months to monitor her condition. She is on supplements to slow the progression of her disease. But you see nobody told Ginger she is not worth it. She still has that charming, loving personality that is common in many rescued senior and special need animals. She still has a spark in her eye and greets her foster mom with a happy wag and grateful kiss. Ginger will decide when to cross the bridge and she will let us know. Until then we will love her and make sure she continues to receive necessary medical care provided by our expert vets.

We love helping senior and special need animals, but we know we have to continue to care for them in a responsible manner. Taking in a dog and not meeting their medical needs is not our way of doing things. We always follow the recommendations of our vets and our animals thrive because of it. When we take in one of these special angels we are making a long term emotional and financial commitment that lasts for the life of the animal even if an adopter is found. We insure SOS program animals receive the Respect and Dignity given to their Human counterparts. The extreme cost involved in providing for their needs limits the number of animals we can help.


We believe we live in a community of caring compassionate people and we are sending out an SOS to save our seniors and special need animals! Please help us care for these expensive little babies. Help us show them they do matter not just while they are convenient, healthy and young but for as long as they have a spark in their eye, a wag in their tail and a kiss of gratitude to give. We need a hero to stand with us and make a commitment to help. If that hero is you please choose an SOS Program animal to sponsor from the list below. Are you short on funds but rich in compassion? You can help by taking one of these angels into your home as a long term foster. You provide love, a caring heart and warm bed (where most of our seniors spend most of their time) and we provide everything else! What ever you can do will make a lasting difference in the life of a senior or special needs animal . Anything you can contribute is so needed and appreciated.


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