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Calendula is often used for its healing properties. It’s great for soothing your dog’s irritated skin and is known to reduce inflammation. Chamomile flower is another anti-inflammatory agent that helps soothe dermatitis and speeds the healing of irritated skin. We have combined these two powerful herbs and placed them in sachets that can be used to make herbal water to soothe your dog’s skin. We frequently use this herbal water to treat the dogs in our rescue who have sensitive, irritated, or allergy-prone skin.


Two sachets come with a mix of calendula and chamomile flowers.

Two smaller sachets come with only calendula.




Add 1-2 sachets to 10 cups of simmering water and then turn off stove and let sachets sit in the water until the water is cool. When the water is cool, strain and transfer the liquid to a container to use as a rinse after bathing your dog. You can add warm water to the calendula/chamomile water prior to pouring it on your dog. If you warm the liquid prior to using it, always test its temperature to avoid burning your furbaby.


Anti-inflammatory herbs to soothe your furbaby’s irritated skin-- free shipping

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