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About Pawle

AGE-  5 year

Energy level- -Medium 

Medical history-Healthy 

Ideal home-


1. He must go to a home with a fenced yard.

2. He must go to a home with no other dogs or a submissive dog. 

3. He must go to an all-adult home.

Welcome Pawle to CHR!


Pawle is 5 years old. Pawle is 6.5 pounds and is spunky. His owners surrendered him because he became growly, and they grew fearful of him. Pawle does give a growl when he does not to be touched. He is not a lap dog, but that may change in a new home as the years pass. 

He will not snap to bite if you listen to his growly warnings. He's just a bit fearful a few triggers, but he's doing so well that we think that behavior will decrease as he adjust to his new home. 

CHR requires that Pawle go to an experienced dog owner. We DON’T want to discriminate against all of you wonderful new dog owners but understand that in the wrong situation, Pawle could go from growly to biting. We will be providing the details of how we eliminate his growly behavior so rest assured you will be provided a detailed plan to care for this cutie without any major problems.


Thank you for your interest in Pawle.       

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