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Moochie is an absolute doll baby.  He's sweet and friendly.  He's the type of dog that will crawl into a stranger's lap wanting to snuggle and give kisses.  He's fun and frisky! Moochie enjoys his people so much he would do best with someone home during the day.  Keep this in mind because Moochie will whine if he can't sleep on the bed with you. He loves to lounge on the bed. He LOVES to play with toys. He cannot be crated because he will get very anxious and start barking. 

Sweet Moochie is current on all his shots and testing  Moochie likes a potty break every few hours to keep him accident-free.  One fun fact about Moochie is he loves men, so don't be surprised if he hangs out with the dad of the household as much as mom. He enjoys walks and is currently eating a healthy diet topped with home cooking.  His foster parents can’t say enough good things about this cutie.



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