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About Lucas

AGE-2 years old

Energy level- -Medium

Medical history-Healthy. 

Ideal home-


Lucas is a two-year-old Shih Tzu mix. He came from a suspected hoarding case.

Lucas had no socialization and was extremely fearful when he came to CHR a few months ago. He is being fostered by a dog behavior counselor, and we’ve already seen some remarkable changes in his fearful behaviors, but he has a long way to go before he behaves like the average dog.

While we will make every attempt to rehabilitate his fearful behaviors, he may always be a shy dog.   

Lucas is super sweet and gets along fine with other pets. He loves food and chewing bones. 

A securely fenced yard is a must for Lucas because he would be a hard dog to catch if he got out of your house loose. He doesn’t rush the front door, but CHR requires a standup gate or X-pen to block your front door--just in case. Here’s an example of one that requires no hardware setup: PET ADOBE 4-Panel Freestanding Dog & Cat Gate, Brown, Medium -

Lucas is a very sweet dog who adores his people. He dances with excitement when they return home. He’s housetrained but requires an outdoor break every few hours to avoid accidents. He’s a quiet baby that is gentle and avoids conflicts with other dogs by stepping aside. Enjoy the videos of the progress he is making, overcoming his fear of the world. 

CHR Policies- Please understand that CHR does not adopt out the DC-Metro area or to homes with children under 13 years old.  No exemptions.  Visit our policies page at'