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AGE: 9 years old
MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy, up-to-date on vaccines. Recent dental. Diagnosed with collapsed trachea, which can be managed with medication. 
IDEAL HOME: CHR requires that applicants have a past history of pet ownership that includes regular vet visits. A small fenced-in area is ideal because Sparky does not walk on leash. 

Sweet Sparky is an Imperial Shih Tzu who was surrendered to CHR by a breeder. This little pumpkin is now retired from his career as a stud and looking to live the perfect retirement life with a new family. He is only seven pounds, but he doesn't know it! He walks around like he owns the place despite his small size. While Sparky co-exists with other dogs, he shows no interest in them. Since this cutie would probably prefer to be the "King of the Castle," we prefer a home without dogs or with one other submissive dog his size or smaller (no bigger than 7 pounds).


Sparky likes to trot around the house, investigating what's going on. But his favorite place is on your lap or cuddled in your arms. He especially loves belly rubs. In fact, this little nugget will paw at you if you stop rubbing his belly—see video. 


Sparky is quiet—he does not bark unless he hears a noise outside, like a truck passing by. He does great on car rides and is generally easygoing.


Sparky is housetrained, but he occasionally marks. We think it’s because there are other male dogs in his foster home and are optimistic this behavior will decrease in his new home. Sparky is nervous about going out on a leash, so his foster does not walk him. Since he is so small, a small fenced-in patch of grass will be enough for his potty breaks.  


Sparky has had senior bloodwork to rule out any health issues and passed with flying colors. He also had a dental and is up-to-date on required vaccines. 

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