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About Sparkie

AGE: 8.5 years old


MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy, up to date on vaccines

IDEAL HOME:Sparkie will not walk on leash. He cowers and won't move. Secure fenced yard ideal.  


Sweet Sparkie was surrendered to CHR by a Shih Tzu breeder.

This little pumpkin was one of the leading studs at the breeding facility, but he is now retired and looking to live

the perfect retirement life with a new future family. Sparkie is such a doll baby. He LOVES food and his daily mini-dental treats. He had a full dental but will need another dental at the end of 2023, so keep this in mind if pursuing this angel.

Our vet didn’t want to take out most of his teeth, so he tried to save as many as possible. Sparkie is a wee little boy and very skittish, so he will not walk on a leash. He is using a fenced yard, but he doesn’t like the cold or rain, so keeping him in belly bands works if there’s a chance he will have accidents on rainy days. Sparkie is not pee pad trained completely, so his new guardian will have to be extra vigilant about getting him out for potty breaks every few hours.


Sparkie is used to being around other dogs, but we’ve seen his “I’m the big stud around here” personality come out on a few occasions. We’ve seen little ones “kick up the dirt” sometimes and squabble, but to keep things simple, we are going to adopt Sparkie out to a home without other dogs.


If you are interested in this precious baby, visit to apply!


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