Ling Ling & Lily

About Ling Ling & Lily

AGE-5.5 years old

Energy level- -Low

Medical history- Ling just had a complete blood chemistry including a thyroid panel and she is in great health! No issues! 

Ideal home- Detached home with a secure fenced yard

Meet Ling Ling and Lily

Ling-Ling is 7-8 pounds.  Lily is 9 pounds. 


Lily and Ling Ling are still available for adoption. We will change their status if they are no longer available. 

Lily came to CHR with her littermate Ling Ling. We are hoping to adopt them together for the reduced adoption fee of $700.00. Lily just had a blood chemistry with a thyroid panel, and she is in excellent health. No issues.  

Lily has a precious character.  She does great on car rides. Lily and Ling hang out together and have very spunky personalities. They may bark at other dogs, so keep this in mind if you currently have pets.


Also, these sweeties do get into little barking battles when they hear any outside noise, so they must go to a detached home setting.  No apartments, townhomes, or condos, please. 

We are also asking for a home with a dog secure fenced in yard. Both babies were used to going on potty pads in their previous home, so the backyard, along with dog walks, is helping with getting them used to eliminate outdoors.  Their foster does keep diapers on these two so keep that in mind if you do not like accidents.  


 The foster parents are smitten with these cuties. 

They go outside for potty breaks every few hours. They need someone home part of the day because they require frequent potty breaks like most small doggies. ​​Keep in mind these sweeties are very high maintenance Shih Tzus.  
They will both require grooming every seven weeks, and that can easily cost their new adopter over $900 a year just for dog grooming. 
Because these sweeties are such high maintenance breeds, CHR will be checking applicant’s grooming histories to ensure their new owners are used to keeping a  7-8 week grooming schedule.   

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