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About Ethel

Age: 11 years old

Energy level: Low
Medical history: Recent dental and removal of mammary masses. 
Breed: Shih Tzu

​Ethel is a recent rescue and is doing great in her foster home. This little angel is a cuddlebug. She loves to nuzzle her head in her foster mom’s shoulder and nap snuggled up against her mom.  You might mistake her for a little baby! This cutie is housetrained but requires a potty break every few hours to avoid accidents. 

Ethel does great around other dogs. She enjoys car rides to the pet store to receive her doggie treats! Her foster mom can’t say enough good things to describe Ethel’s sweet nature. She even has a Instagram page about her here:

Ethel recently had a full dental and several mammary masses removed. To be extra safe, her new adopters will need to be vigilant and watch the areas where the masses were removed in case there is any new growth.

Ethel had a full blood chemistry and urinalysis and is in good shape. She now needs a home where she will be cherished forever—she deserves it!  

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