Leo & Lily




About Leo & Lily

AGE-5.5 years old

Energy level- -Low

Medical history- Ling just had a complete blood chemistry including a thyroid panel and she is in great health! No issues! 

Ideal home- Detached home with a secure fenced yardmadifacemyre@gmail.com

Lily & Leo are bonded, so they MUST be adopted together. 

Lily is a sweet festive little girl who makes her foster mom laugh daily. Her cuteness in action will bring a smile to your face. She loves to snuggle close to you and is very gentle.  Leo is just as precious. He is a happy little guy who also makes his foster mom laugh daily. I mean, look at his face,how could you not fall in love with him?

Both babies are Imperial Shih Tzus, so they weigh under 10 pounds. Because of their small size, we are asking that they go to an adult family. Also, they are SUPER sweet, but small kids may cause them some uneasiness which we frequently see with the small dogs we take in. These sweeties do great in the backyard for potty breaks but not so well on leash, so we are asking that their new family have a securely fenced yard. 

The best fit is a family home during the day because they are let out for potty breaks every few hours. No crating because they will pee-pee in their crate, and you don’t want to come home to a pee-pee covered doggie. 

Both babies are healthy, and Lily is going in for a full dental soon.  Their adoption fee is only $700 for both dogs. Trust me when I tell you that the medical we spend on these dogs is TWICE as much, so you are getting huge savings. 

These angels are ready for their new home so apply for them here- https://www.caringheartsrescue.org/adoptable-dogs

Remember, they must go to a local adopter in the suburbs of the DC Metro area, and you must have a fully secured fenced yard.