Grooming cost in the DC-Metro area can run anywhere from $60+. We personally know how

stressful it can be balancing household bills with important task of having your dog groomed every 8-weeks. 

We know that medical bills, rent/mortgage, childcare, food and utility bills take priority over grooming your furry friend.

That's why the CHR Grooming Course was created 

We want people to feel confident that they can safely groom their dog and save money at the same time.     

Grooming your dog safely is our top priority that's why CHR is committed to only using grooming instructors 

with over 10-years experience grooming dogs.  Every step in the Learn to Groom Course is targeted 

towards learning to groom your dog safely, and with unlimited classes after enrollment, you never have to 

worry about feeling rushed.


 The course has 4-core classes with UNLIMITED extra sessions.  This means you can learn to groom safely and at a pace you choose. We sincerely want all our students to learn to groom safely and with understanding of how to reduce your dog’s stress during the grooming process using positive reinforcement grooming techniques. We’ve had amazing feedback from our grooming students.


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Save Money  

In the DC metro area, grooming services for dogs can cost

between $65-$150 depending on the size of your dog. Including a tip, that can add up to over $900 a year! Learning

to groom your dog yourself saves money which can used for other expenses such as your dog's medical

bills. Having 2+ dogs is an even bigger reason to learn the art of grooming yourself (who doesn’t want

to save $1200+ a year!).


​Help Your Fearful Dog

​Many dogs dislike being groomed or are fearful when away from home at a grooming facility.  

Grooming at home will lessen your dog’s stress and allow you to give a fearful dog breaks during

the grooming process to lessen the overall stress of being groomed. Wash your dog and then go

make some breakfast and continue grooming later at YOUR convenience! During the grooming course,

you will learn to condition your dog to being groomed so their fear of grooming will decrease over time.  

Extend Your Dogs Grooming- MORE SAVINGS! 

Imagine extending your dogs grooming an extra few weeks! By learning to groom your dog yourself, you will be able to 

groom your dog when he/she is looking a bit scruffy and needs a little touch up. This keeps your dog looking and felling better and, for that reason alone, is worth the cost of the course.


Course Description


Learning to groom your dog takes practice and time and is best learned in a series of classes.  The Learn-to-Groom course consists of four classes which will start May 5th for 4 classes. Unlimited additional classes are free.  During each 2-hour class you will be learning specific grooming techniques and will have lots of opportunities to practice each skill.  Each student will bring their own dog to class. By the end of the fourth class, you should be well on your way to grooming your dog with confidence. If you’re still not comfortable with doing the grooming yourself, no worries! You receive unlimited sessions for free. The course will cover every step of the grooming process.  All the Groomers who will be teaching the class have a long resume of years working as dog groomers.  We will also have future guest instructors doing special presentations on the newest grooming techniques.  


Topics Covered in Class:


*Bathing and Blow Drying

Believe it or not, bathing and blow drying a dog is a lot more detailed than it seems. Using the

right equipment and supplies and bathing and blow drying a dog’s hair properly makes a world

of difference in achieving the final salon-groomed look we all love. We’re going to make sure

you understand the process and explain some of the most effective grooming products on the

market. We’ll also discuss the different blow dryers available for grooming dogs and so you can

decide which will work best for you.


*Groom from Head to Paw Safely

We jump right into the grooming process by explaining how to safely groom your dog. 

Grooming safely is a top priority for professional and home groomers alike. Sensitive areas

like the face and sanitary areas will be covered very carefully to ensure you are confident in

grooming the eyes, mouth, and genitals.


*Know Your Equipment

During your class, you will learn about all the different types of tools and equipment used

in grooming dogs including: combs, blades, brushes, safety equipment, shampoos/conditioners

and more!


Logistics and Cost


The classes will take place in Springfield, Virginia.  The address will be provided to students after enrolling in the class.  Different types of clippers and shears will be covered during the class and you will be able to test out several options before making your final decision about which ones to buy.      

UNLIMITED additional classes free if needed! ! Your grooming instructor will schedule the classes once you complete the first four classes.

The total cost for the grooming course is $450.  Payment can be made in full at the CHR Paypal link below, secure online credit site or by check. Visit the CHR donation page for more payment options at http://www.caringheartsrescue.org/money-donations  Payment plans are available--just ask!  

*Note: All the proceeds will go to support Caring Hearts Rescue, a non-profit senior and special needs dog rescue. 

Grooming Class Syllabus 


 Prior to class number one, your grooming instructor will call you. 

Class One- 


  • Learn how to condition your dog to being groomed.

  • Training on how to use the dog grooming equipment.  

       Note-The instructor will provide sample equipment for the first class.

  • Students start to groom their dog’s body and legs with hands-on guidance

       from the grooming instructor.

  • Instruction on how to monitor your dog’s body for new bumps or masses. 

  • Everyone is provided a clipboard and a map of their dog’s body to note down any areas

       of concern on the surface of their dog’s skin.

  • Lesson on nail trims. 




Class Two-View our video(right) showing the second class results 


  • Continued practice clipping the dog’s body. 

  • Training on how to do a sanitary trim on a dog,which consists of shaving the dog’s rear  

       end, paw pads, and belly region.  

  • Discussion on the shears. 

  • Discussion on how to clean and oil your grooming equipment. 

  • Lesson on nail trims. 



Class Three- View our video(right) showing the third class results 


  • Students begin to use grooming shears on their dogs.  The instructor will provide some

       shears for student use. 

  • Students continue practicing how to use the clipper on the remaining areas of the dog’s body.

  • A discussion on finishing sprays.  A discussion on trimming a dog’s face.  Students start     

       practicing using shears to trim their dog’s face.

  • Lesson on nail trims. 

Class Four-


  • Continued training using shears to trim your dog's face/head.  

  • More instruction about shears and how to use them safely.  

  • The class will also provide additional grooming instruction on aspects of grooming that

     students still find challenging.

  •  A discussion on the different types of clipper blades.

  • Lesson on nail trims. 

UNLIMITED additional classes available at NO CHARGE!-

Students will be able to attend unlimited additional classes for FREE. This allows the student to “fine tune”

their new grooming skills and review skills that they haven’t yet mastered.


  • Discussion on how you can prevent a flea and tick infestation and help your pet to                                                                                              lead a pest-free and healthy life, with an emphasis on holistic solutions.  

Why Learn to Groom

Register Today!


Summer Cut Groom Course-

Date: July 7th.  Classes held on Saturday- July 7, 14.  Additional classes free and scheduled with your instructor. 

Time:9:00-10:45 am

Cost $179

Location: Springfield, VA 

Course information listed below.



Learn to Groom Course-

Date: July 7th.  Classes held on Saturday- July 7, 14, 21 and 28. Additional classes free and scheduled with your instructor. 

Time:9:00-10:45 am

Cost $450 

Location: Springfield, VA 

Course information listed below. 


Thank you so much for offering this class. With my dog being a rescue he is always nervous around strangers and hated going to the groomer. Your class gave me the instruction I needed to successfully be able to groom him at home on my own.  He is so much happier and less stressed with me doing it.  I highly recommend your class to anybody interested in learning the trade to see if it's something they want to do or to be able to just groom their own dog at home and save time and money. 

Julie Ramsey

The instructor was amazing, did a great job describing how the tools worked/operated, and best way to hold/position or dogs whilr grooming, lots of patience.  I purchased most of my own equipment and have been able to groom and maintain both of my dogs.    I really appreciated being able to participate 


I liked learning  in a comfortable environment.  Also, I felt good about donating to a rescue rather then giving my money to a business.  I like trying out different tools.


The course exceeded my expectations and I learned so much.   Just yesterday, when my husband was walking our dogs, our neighbor commented on how great they looked and wondered where we got them groomed.  He said he spent $100 every month to groom his dog...and asked if we are taking clients!  


Thanks again for the classes. I learned a lot and I'm always using them. I've gotten so many compliments on Mimi's grooming!!!!




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