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Grooming Classes

Why learn to groom your dog yourself? 

  • save money

  • help your fearful dog

  • extend a professional groom by a few weeks



In-Between Groom Class-

You can extend your dog's haircut an extra few weeks by learning to do a touch-up groom on your dog. We will teach you how to: trim around the eyes, clean up the sanitary areas including anal and genital areas, trim nails, and clean up the paw pads.

Date: June 8, 2024

Time:10:00-11.30 a.m.

Cost $150

Location: Springfield, VA 

Additional details:

  • We will provide you with the exact address when you sign up for the class.

  • Tuition includes a PDF file with further information on what type of grooming equipment you need, where to buy it, and some specific instructions.



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