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About Hershey

AGE-10 years old

Energy level- -Medium

Medical history-Healthy. Has dry eye and requires medicated drops daily.

Weight: 17 pounds

Hello, I am Hershey’s foster parent, and I want to tell you that Hershey is close to being perfect! He has the sweetest nature and is very gentle.

He enjoys being cuddled but is also independent and goes off on his own to rest. Hershey loves people and will give all of your friends a kiss. He does great with other dogs.  


Hershey loves food and treats, so I try to make sure he gets a chewy bone daily. Hershey is quiet and easygoing. It’s easy to fall in love with this sweet baby. He has such a good personality.


Hershey does have dry eye, so he needs medicated drops twice daily.

CHR Policies- Please understand that CHR does not adopt out the DC-Metro area or to homes with children under 13 years old.  No exemptions.  Visit our policies page at'

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