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On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, families, businesses, charities and students around the world will come together for the common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.  Support Caring Hearts Rescue this November 22, 2016 by donating to help our rescued orphans. Your tax-deductable donation will support our efforts to make sure our rescues receive the medical care they need and deserve.  This often includes dentals, labwork for senior dogs, x-rays, bladder stone surgeries, eye ulcer repairs and much more! 


Below are some simple ways to help CHR this Giving Tuesday.   




1.  Make a tax-deductable donation to Caring Hearts Rescue.  CHR is an all volunteer rescue so 100% of your donation helps the animals!


2.  Print copies of our Giving Tuesday flyer and place in your workplace break room.Download Flyer Here


3.  Find out if your employer has a matching gift program (most do!) and designate Caring Hearts as your preferred charity.


4. Even if your employer doesn’t have a matching gift program, they are probably looking for an opportunity to give to local charities, particularly ones their employees support. Tell them about us and ask if they can make a gift to CHR or let you spread the word about the good work we do. Many corporations would love to help us but they just don’t know we exist!


5. Share #GivingTuesday on your social media pages.


We want to thank you for helping us on this global day of giving and generosity! Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to save the precious lives that means so much to all of us.




$25-$50 Donation


A $25+ donation keeps our Animal Rescue functioning and our rescued dogs healthy.   Covering cost such as heartworm preventative for one dog for a year,  flea topical protection, dog food, compounded medications we often use and more!   

$100-$500 Donation 


Your $100 will save a dog's life.  

So often we have to turn dogs away due to lack of funding.  With your help we can treat the medically needy wating for our help! 


$1000+ Donation

Your donation of $1,000+ will save MULTIPLE CHR rescue dogs.  This funding will allow us to take in more dogs and treat the conditions most frequently seen.  Bladder stone removal, eye surgeries,  cruciate repairs are several of the expensive medical procedure we are confronted with frequently.   With your donation of $1,000+ you will be a savior to the dogs left with little hope of being rescued to the cost of saving them outweighting what funds are currenlty available to our Rescue.   

Take a moment to look at just a few more amazing transformations completed with YOUR donation 

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