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Huck and Finn

Bonded Pair Seeking a Forever Home

We are hoping to find Huckleberry and Finnegan, two Imperial Shih Tzus under a year old, a forever home that can take both of them because they are bonded and get along so well. The boys are neutered, UTD and microhipped. Both babies also had a dental to remove any incisors needing to be removed. CHR is asking for a fenced yard because both puppies are only pee-pad trained. If you have rugs, these two may not be for you since dogs trained on pee pads can’t always tell the difference between a pee pad and a rug.


Finnegan, or Finn for short, is a 7-month-old male Imperial Shih Tzu. This sweet angel is friendly and a sweetheart. He is a Shih Tzu lover’s dream dog! He gets along with other dogs and loves his toys and treats. Finnegan is pee-pad trained exclusively, so he will need a patient foster to teach him to eliminate outdoors. We are asking for his new owner to have a fenced backyard because Finn is not leash trained.


Huck is a 9-month-old Imperial Shih Tzu who weighs only 4.5 pounds. This little snuggle bunny couldn’t be any cuter. Arthur loves his brother Finn; they play and race around the house with toys in their mouths. Like Finn, Huck is also exclusively pee-pad trained, so he will need a patient parent to train him to eliminate outside in a secure fenced yard.

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