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About Lily

Age: 5 years old

Energy level: Medium

Medical history: History of allergies. Currently on allergy shots. Going in for spay soon. 

Ideal home: No apartments or condos because Lily may disrupt neighbors by alert barking.  

CHR Policies: We do not adopt outside the DC Metro area or to homes with children under 11 years old. No exceptions. Visit our policies page for more information. 


Lily is a true princess!  She is a Shih Tzu and only 5 years old. Lily loves to be pampered and shown attention. She is gentle and very easygoing around other friendly dogs.  Lily is easy to groom and enjoys walks.  She loves nothing more than to be by your side. Lily is housetrained but, keep in mind accidents can happen initially when a dog transitions to a new home. Lily was surrendered to us because her previous owners could not keep up with the expense and time involved in preventing and treating Lily’s allergy flare-ups. Lilly has been tested for the source of her allergies (they are environmental) and her past owners were successful in preventing new flare-ups through a regimen that included bathing her twice a week, wiping her paws when she came inside after a visit outside, and giving her an allergy prevention shot every two weeks. 


We’re hoping to rid Lily of her allergies with the allergy protocols we use for our rescue dogs.rate of success in resolving chronic canine allergies with a nutrient-dense diet, supplements, baths, and simple strategies to limit exposure to environmental allergens. We will give Lily’s adopter complete instructions on her allergy prevention regimen. Our ultimate goal is to have her live allergy-free without the need for regular allergy shots and frequent vet visits.

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