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About Dahlia

AGE: 2. years old


MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy, up to date on vaccines


We are asking that she go to a home with only small dogs because larger dogs scare her.. 


This sweet princess is only 2 years old and weighs around 7-8 pounds. Dahlia is spayed, UTD and microchipped. 
Dahlia is super sweet and affectionate. She likes to cuddle and be around her humans and has the sweet Shih Tzu temperament. She loves to play with toys, her humans, and other dogs. Her foster mom has mostly housetrained Dahlia but she may need to wear a diaper overnight until she settles in and is 100% trained. She is doing really well using a fenced grassy yard for elimination, but she will need a diligent pup parent to take her out every few hours to continue her training. For that reason, CHR is asking for her adopter to have a dog-secure fenced yard.

Because she is still adjusting to losing the only home she has ever known, Dahlia is a bit timid and a “Velcro” dog, so she would not do well in a home where she is left alone all day. She has crate anxiety, so she cannot be crated for anything other than a short drive.

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