About Luke

Ideal Home: Secure fenced yard required.   Home with another young and friendly dog because he is from a puppy mill where the companionship of other dogs is all he's had.  Someone home part of the day to continue his housetraining by letting Luke out every 3-4 hours or you will come home daily to accidents.  

Luke is being fostered with his sister, Leah.  
We were considering that they get adopted together but we think Luke would do fine if there is another young dog in the home.  We think, Luke is more attached to Leah than she is to him. We feel Luke would adjust better if his new home has another young and friendly dog in the home.  We mention friendly because he is a puppy and can irritate older dogs.

Luke is beyond adorable in looks and personality.  He's as gentle as a flower.  His face actually looks like a flower.

He walks up to you to gently kiss your hand. He loves to lay on your lap and receive cuddles.  He is very gentle.

 He weighs 7 pounds so we're asking for homes without young children because dropping this tiny cutie could result in a broken leg.  Luke was rescued from a puppy mill in Korea. He was rescued with his sister, Leah. Luke bounds around any room he is in.  He enjoys playing with other dogs so keep this in mind if you have older dogs.  

His foster parents let him out for potty breaks every few hours and he's doing AWESOME!  He NOW will eliminate within minutes of being out in the backyard.  


 We are requiring that his new home has a securely fenced yard. Luke is known for getting through openings so please keep this in mind if your fence is not dog-secure. We’re hoping to find Luke a home where his parent is home most of the day.  That’s because he needs a break outside every few hours to help continue his housetraining. A dog walker who comes 2 times during the work day would be sufficient.  

He LOVES food and treats and is a very smart little boy.  

Ideal Home Setting

We want to provide as much information about our foster dogs as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to do in the short biography shown above. To help applicants better understand the type of home setting that will work best for a specific dog, we include the Ideal Home section under each bio. Please take a minute to read the Ideal Home section. Applications that most closely match the Ideal Home description will be given priority.Example: If the IDEAL HOME section specifies that someone be home part or all of the work day, CHR will require that all applicants be home part or all of the work day.  

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