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Many of our adoptable dogs would benefit from additional training once adopted.

You will be provided with free positive reinforcement training immediately after adopting and for the life of your pet.

 If you are not contacted within 14 days, email CHR at for a status report.

This pet must be adopted into an all-adult household
Do you prefer a crate trained dog?
Do you have a doggy door?
Do you and/or someone in your household smoke cigarettes or cigars?(please understand we ask this question because some of our rescue dogs have allergies)
If you have a pool, is it fenced?
ADOPTION FEES - Caring Hearts Rescue requests an adoption fee ranging from $450 to $475 for dogs under 1 year old and for extra medical procedures we performed like dentals. Is this acceptable to you? More information can be found on our website explaining the veterinary care provided by CHR.

While the dog you are applying for is sweet, keep in my mind, dogs can often be fearful of people they do not know. For example, these types of dogs will bark while backing away or lunging your guest that enters the house. Because of these possible behaviors, you will be provided with free reinforcement training. Keep in mind the dog you are applying for is a loyal and loving family companion, and we are sure you will fall in love with their playful nature.


Adopting a dog that needs additional behavioral support is rewarding, and we want to make sure you receive all the support you need through your journey with your faithful new friend. You will be provided with free reinforcement dog training for the life of your new pet.

An example of reinforcement training: In order to keep your guest safe, we recommend training that reverses the fear your newly adopted dog experiences when guests enter your home. Here are some management and training techniques to keep your newly adopted dog and guests safe. Would you consider keeping your newly adopted dog in another room during your quests visit?
Would you work with positive reinforcement trainers to counter-condition your newly adopted dog’s barky-lunging responses to strangers? This involves using special reinforcement techniques to reverse/reduce your recently adopted dog’s reaction to strangers.
A few of our pets are on different prescription medications to help with behavior, like Prozac. Do you agree with keeping your new dog on prescription medications? Keep in mind some drugs may cost around $45 a month.

Thanks for submitting!

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