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Reduce Rehoming through Community Education


As a rescue, we strive to ensure that the dogs we place in adoptive homes are successfully rehomed for life. We pride ourselves on having a return rate of less than 5% percent. We would love to see fewer dogs rehomed due to issues that are easily solvable with some information and education.


To that end, we have expanded our mission to include: 1) educating the public on ways to reduce some of the most annoying behavioral problems that cause dogs to be rehomed, including housetraining and fear reactivity and 2) reducing some of the high costs associated with owning a small-breed dog, such as the need for frequent grooming, through community education.


CHR has already offered a number of free community workshops that provide education on canine behavioral training and on home grooming of dogs with hair. We are looking to expand these efforts into a permanent, comprehensive program so that we can reach and educate even more dog owners. We would like some day to be in a position to offer behavioral training and grooming education on a sliding fee basis or in the form of scholarships to those most in need. Our goal, ultimately, is to keep dogs in their forever homes and reduce the number of dogs who are rehomed or euthanized.

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