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About Angel

AGE-  9 months old

Energy level- -Medium to high

Medical history-Healthy. Upcoming Spay 

Ideal home- Angel is a small dog who needs frequent visits during the day.  A fenced yard is ideal for Angel because it takes time for her to get used 

to new environments. A quiet neighborhood because Angel is fear reactive. 


1. She must go to a home with a fenced yard.

2. She must go to a home with no other dogs because they scare her.

3. She must go to an all-adult home.

Angel is a happy and active girl who will bring joy and laughter into your home. She loves initiating a rowdy game of tug-o-war, chasing after blowing leaves or backyard squirrels, and exploring the house for “hidden treasures” such as a stray sock left under the bed, a dry leaf tracked in from the outside, or bathroom toilet paper dangling from the roll and so ready to unwind. When she has tired of her toys, she delights in tossing a single piece of kibble high into the air, toying with it for a while, and then finally pouncing on it. Is she a puppy or a kitten? After energetic play, she is content to rest by your side or near your feet before she is soon ready to play again! She is also very loving, so be ready for a surprise kiss. 


Angel is smart and eager to learn. With a consistent bathroom schedule she has had very few accidents in the house and now goes to the door signaling that she wants to go out. At first she was content to stay on leash as she explored the yard, but that is changing as now she often heads to the front gate asking to go curbside to "read the mail” left by the neighborhood dogs. She is polite and leaves “a reply”. She has a shy nature and is fearful of new people and places, so slow and steady is best with her. The  “Watch me” command followed by tasty pieces of chicken has proven successful in gaining and keeping her attention at the first sign of someone or something new. She is gaining confidence and wants to venture further down the block. She is quick to pick up and attempt to eat a stick, leaf, or piece of debris so a watchful eye is important. 

While Angel is a playful and loving little girl, she does show reactive fear responses when meeting new people. She’s not the type of dog a stranger can reach for. In fact, recently, she went to the vet, and when a technician reached to pick her up, she snapped at him. For this reason, Angel must go to an all-adult home—no kids, please. 


We also require her new adopter to undergo training sessions with a reinforcement trainer.

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