About Woolfie

Ideal Home: Wulfie is very protective of his current family of 5 so his ideal home would be one where there is not a lot of in-and-out of other people, especially children. He is a home body and prefers to stay inside where he feels safest but will occasionally take a quick walk around the block. He is one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned, and he loves to learn new tricks. He loves to play fetch with others and himself! Although he is not a fan of car rides, he does make it to the groomer regularly where he behaves very well.

Wulfie’s Personality:

He is super cuddly and loves his family, but it takes him a while to warm up to visitors and his bark can be quite off putting to children.
He is trained to use the bathroom outside and also on pads inside.
He loves food and will do just about anything you ask if he knows a treat is on the way!
He is crate trained, but generally only goes to the crate when we have visitors.

Wulfie’s Ideal Home:

Wulfie would thrive in a home where he can run around inside with no other pets or small children and preferably only adults.
He thrives on snuggles and hugs, so preferably living with someone who works from home or who is not gone long periods of time.

Caring Hearts Rescue
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