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I am trying to find a sanctuary
for an aggressive dog...

Sadly, CHR receives emails daily from owners asking for help managing their aggressive dogs.  Aggression is one of the main reasons that dogs are surrendered or euthanized. As an animal rescue, CHR has a responsibility to keep the public, our rescue dogs, and our foster parents safe, which is the number one reason we started our “Paws of Zen” rehabilitation program. This rehabilitation program allows us to use positive reinforcement strategies to address snapping and biting behavior in dogs. The rehabilitation program has been very successful in rehoming dogs that would otherwise face the possibility of euthanasia.

By allowing dogs to decompress in our foster program, we are able to closely monitor any concerning behaviors they may exhibit and deal with those behaviors head-on with a tailored management and behavioral plan. We don't only focus on addressing problem behaviors in the short-term; we are also concerned about the long-term needs of the rescue dog and their owner’s capacity to handle their behavioral needs. This is why we provide our adopters with a detailed behavioral plan outlining the training needed to desensitize and counter-condition the negative behaviors. We also provide our adopters with behavioral support and counseling. This ensures that our rescue dogs go to homes where the new owner has a full understanding of their new dog and a plan in place in case problems arise.


We will be highlighting in videos some of the more complex cases of dogs with behavioral problems that we have rehabilitated.

We need your help supporting our special behavioral cases. One way you can do this is by donating to help support our dogs during the many months they are being rehabilitated. Even the smallest donation helps!   

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Over 20 years supporting dogs with behavioral issues

With over two decades of experience rehabilitating dogs with a bite history, we have seen the struggles involved in changing behavior in a dog who bites. Rehabilitating our rescue dogs before adoption keeps our adopters and the public safe.      

Grooming Support for Adopters

Providing grooming support for our adopters has been a game changer for one of the most complex dilemmas we have faced for the last 15 years—How do we support aggressive rescue dogs when groomed? 


Read more about the grooming programs we have created to support our past adopters.

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