About Peanut

AGE-6 years old

Energy level- Low

Medical history-Healthy. Recent dental. 

Ideal home- Peanut needs a potty break every 4-6 hours ; Peanut would do best in an all adult home with minimum traffic.  Because Peanut has a history of being stressed shelter, we are providing multiple behavioral consultations(free) with a CHR positive dog trainer.  

CHR Policies- Please understand that CHR does not adopt out the DC-Metro area or to homes with children under 11 years old.  No exemptions.  Visit our policies page at'


Meet Peanut! Peanut came from a Maryland shelter. CHR has Peanut in a quiet foster home will low foot traffic and he is doing FANTASTICALLY there. We think that with additional time and training, he will do even better. Peanut is such a character. He lies on his back for belly rubs. When you’re lying in bed, he likes to crawl on your chest and cover your face with kisses. It's why we named him “the Kissy Monster!” 


Peanut LOVES to play. He will play with toys for as long as he can and sometimes bark at his foster mom asking for more play time. Peanut is housetrained and has no accidents. In his current foster home, Peanut uses a securely fenced yard for elimination purposes. Peanut enjoys walks too.  Peanut was diagnosed with dry eye. He will need to stay on cyclosporine daily FOR LIFE to treat the dry eye condition. The cost per month to treat dry eye is $35.00. The medication is specially compounded at a pharmacy, which is the cheapest option. 


CHR is requiring that Peanut goes to an experienced dog owner. A home without kids is better suited for Peanut. Peanut just needs a quiet home setting to relax while he recuperates from all the stress of losing his home and the trauma of being at the shelter for a few weeks. If you have a quiet home setting with a relaxed “Zen” atmosphere, please email us for more information.  CHR will provide Peanut’s new owner with a positive reinforcement trainer for no charge.  We want to make sure his new parent is happy and feeling confident that they have all the information needed to make sure Peanut leads a stress-free and pawsitive life. 


  What is a "Zen" atmosphere?


1.   A home with only adults, no young children. We like children but, in certain cases as in the case of Peanut, who is stressed from recent and possibly past mental trauma, a home without children is the safest way to ensure that no incidents of nipping or biting occur.  



2.   A quiet neighborhood with low foot traffic where you can walk Peanut. An example of a setting that does not have low foot traffic is an apartment building with narrow hallways and lots of people walking by.  

Ideal Home Setting

We want to provide as much information about our foster dogs as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to do in the short biography shown above. To help applicants better understand the type of home setting that will work best for a specific dog, we include the Ideal Home section under each bio. Please take a minute to read the Ideal Home section. Applications that most closely match the Ideal Home description will be given priority.Example: If the IDEAL HOME section specifies that someone be home part or all of the work day, CHR will require that all applicants be home part or all of the work day.  

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