About NOVA

AGE-8 months old

Energy level- High

Medical history- Spayed and current on vaccines. 

Welcome little NOVA to CHR. 

Nova is an 8-month-old Pomsky. The Pomsky—a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.  Because her past owners worked long hours, she just wasn’t the right match for that family. NOVA is a little fireball of energy.  She LOVES walks, playing with her rope toys, chewing stuffed KONGS, getting the squeakers out of toys, which has turned out to be her calling, running around to play, giving kisses, and barking at anyone that is drawing to much attention. 



NOVA is a spayed female. She weighs 21 pounds. She is a beautiful girl, and we know that her owners spent thousands of dollars on this unique breed of dog. NOVA is spayed and current on all her vaccines. Because she has not been around other dogs, we want to introduce her slowly and carefully if you currently have a dog.  We require a home with a secure fence because NOVA loves to romp through the yard playing. Someone who is a walker is a better match, too, because she does have a lot of energy, and she enjoys walks. 


Because NOVA alert barks, an apartment, and townhome may not be the best fit for her.


NOVA is a precious puppy that has a wonderful future ahead with a family like you!

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