About Maya

AGE-11 years old

Energy level- -Low

Medical history- Several repeated blood panels with urinalysis. 

Ideal home- 

Maya was rescued several months ago in rough shape at only 2.5 pounds. Her skin was a wreck, but it’s slowly improving. 

 Maya is now at 3.5 pounds. She needs surgery to spay her and remove a mass on her chest.  When she is 4 pounds, she will be ready for her surgery.  Until then, Maya is not ready for adoption, but we are taking applications for her. 


Maya has no lower jaw at all.  This means the consistency of her food needs to be a special texture in order for her to grasp it. 

She’s also very finicky, but her foster mom is the master of home cooking recipes so every day Maya gets freshly blended goop consisting of

veggies, turkey, sweet potato, rice, and supplements. Canned food works too! 


Because she was so malnourished at her rescue, our priority is providing her with a nutrient-dense diet.  We know that most individuals do not cook for their pets, so we will find a canned type of food that Maya will eat consistently.  Right now, we don’t want to struggle with getting her to eat, so this is the route we are going with her. 


Maya is bathed bi-weekly to control her oily coat. In a lot of cases like Maya, we see improvement in the condition of the dog’s skin over their time with us, but we cannot guarantee that she will not need a bath at least once a week.


Maya has no fear of other dogs, but she is so tiny that we are asking for a home with no other dogs or dogs that have a history of being around small dogs.  Maya holds up one of her legs when she walks.  She had a pin placed in the leg she holds up, so she will most likely always favor that leg in the future.  Our vet has completed x-rays to confirm the prognosis of the leg.  She is on a daily anti-inflammatory.


Maya is very sweet and will bop around the house until she finds her favorite spot---NEXT TO YOU!

She’s like a baby who just wants to be loved. 

Maya is housetrained but needs an outing outside every few hours like most small dogs.  She’s very quiet and has the average senior energy. 


To sum up, Maya’s needs:


  1. Bi-weekly to a weekly bath.

  2. Pureed food or canned food.

  3. All adult home.

  4. A home with no other dogs or a small dog used to being around tiny dogs.


Because Maya is a special needs dog, we are hoping to find experienced individuals who have owned a tiny dog before. 

If you love senior and special needs dogs, we can’t wait to hear from you.  Maya deserves to have a wonderful home, and we know she will find her forever home soon. 

Caring Hearts Rescue
P.O. Box 6592
Springfield, VA.  22150
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