About Max

Age: 10 years old

Energy level: Medium

Max is an awesome  little guy who lost his owner in a tragic fire.  Max was saved by fire fighters and suffered only minor injuries.  The first week was difficult, but he is back to himself and thriving at his foster family's house.  He enjoys playing tug of war and likes to play chase.  He loves to be in the same room where you are working or hanging out.  He is easy going and low maintenance.  When you pet him, he curls his back up like a cat because he enjoys it so much.  He cuddles up at bedtime and sleeps until you get up.  Short walks make him very happy and he explores the outside with confidence.  Max is supper smart and is learning new commands very quickly.  He gets along well with his foster dog-brother and his human teenage brother and sisters.  He is really a perfect, easy going, companion dog that loves people and other dogs.    

Caring Hearts Rescue
P.O. Box 6592
Springfield, VA.  22150
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