About Marigold

AGE: 7-8 years old


MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy. Recently had a full dental and eye surgery.


Ideal home:  A quiet home where someone can let her outside every few hours during the day. Marigold is not leash trained so we are requiring a securely fenced yard. 


Meet Marigold! This 6-pound Yorkie was found abandoned on the side of the road with several other dogs. Marigold is quiet and easy-going and gets along well with other dogs. She is sweet and a bit shy but warms up quickly. When she is excited (like when her food is on the way) she twirls around and dances with joy!  She had most of her teeth removed during a recent dental and requires soft food. The dental left her with the cutest lopsided smile and sideways kisses! Marigold is not leash-trained and would do best in a home with a fenced yard. She needs to be let out every few hours during the day but sleeps through the night without any accidents. She usually does her business within minutes of being let out. Marigold is a sweetheart and deserves to have a wonderful life with a new family. 


Ideal Home Setting

We want to provide as much information about our foster dogs as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to do in the short biography shown above. To help applicants better understand the type of home setting that will work best for a specific dog, we include the Ideal Home section under each bio. Please take a minute to read the Ideal Home section. Applications that most closely match the Ideal Home description will be given priority.

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