About Gizmo

AGE- 10-13 years old

Energy level- Low

Medical history- Recent blood chemistry and urinalysis

Ideal home-  Gizmo is  easy going and mostly blind. Hi new parents would have to understand that he may need assistance infrequently. 

CHR Policies- Please understand that CHR does not adopt out the DC-Metro area or to homes with children under 11 years old.  No exemptions.  Visit our policies page at'


Gizmo is such a love bug! He came to CHR in horrible condition.  His skin was infected with patches of black area where his skin had received years of neglect.  He's doing amazing now.  His foster mom is cooking part of his meals to aid in straightening his immune system.  It takes a little time to rehabilitate a dog who has endured so many years of neglect.  He's on added supplements like fish oil too.  


Gizmo loves to be with people and does fine with other dogs.  Even though he has limited sight, he maneuvers around the house without an issue.  He LOVES food and treats.  Gizmo enjoys a stroll in the backyard during the day.  He's the perfect companion for people who like senior dogs.  Providing medical care is an essential is part of our rehabilitation program.  Gizmo has had a senior blood chemistry and urinalysis.  He was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea which we have medicine for, if needed.  We've resolved his allergy issues by providing him with a high-end home cooked diet. We'll be transitioning him to a traditional dog food but we want to keep him on the higher end diet for a few more months.  We will provide his new adopter with food and support for sweet Gizmo.  









If you can't adopt Gizmo please consider donating for his care.  Special dogs like Gizmo cost our rescue extra money to care for. We want to rescue many more seniors but we can due to the amount of cost to care for senior dogs.  You can see from the bottom right picture how neglected Gizmo was.  Please consider sponsoring this sweet boy.  Just click on the link below and select recurring payment on our SECURE donation site. Gizmo sends you a hug for helping! 



Ideal Home Setting

We want to provide as much information about our foster dogs as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to do in the short biography shown above. To help applicants better understand the type of home setting that will work best for a specific dog, we include the Ideal Home section under each bio. Please take a minute to read the Ideal Home section. Applications that most closely match the Ideal Home description will be given priority.Example: If the IDEAL HOME section specifies that someone be home part or all of the work day, CHR will require that all applicants be home part or all of the work day.  

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