About Bear

AGE- 11 weeks

Energy level-Puppy

Medical history- 

Ideal home-  Someone home part of the day because Bear is still potty training.  Adoption contract specifies Bear must be enrolled in puppy training classes.  (250 additional fee.)  

CHR Policies- Please understand that CHR does not adopt out the DC-Metro area or to homes with children under 11 years old.  No exemptions.  Visit our policies page at'

   Bear is a robust, active puppy!

   He is learning the basics sit, stay, and leash manners as well as socialization. 

   Bear was separated from his family very young and could benefit from having a young active friendly dog to play with.

  He would be too much for a small or elderly dog.

  His foster mom has cats he watches them but they don’t interact.

  He loves everyone and is curious and teething,  Bear will need a puppy proof environment, lots of toys and continuing socialization.


   We are working on house training,

   So an adult at home to take him out frequently is must.

   Professional training is always a great idea for any dog and will be discussed with potential adopters.

   Rarely do we get puppies in rescue, and what a wonderful puppy Bear is, he is just waiting for the perfect home to mold him into the wonderful lifetime           companion he has the potential to be.

Caring Hearts Rescue
P.O. Box 6592
Springfield, VA.  22150
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