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Sugar needs your help urgently!  Sugar is a 9 year old Shih Tzu who came to our Rescue a few months back after her owner moved and told us he could not take Sugar and her sister Ginger along with him. The owner was going to have Sugar euthanized, but we stepped in and took her in.   After a full medical exam it was found Sugar has severly damaged eyes and bladder stones that needed urgent attention.  She was peeing blood so it was CRITICAL to have her in surgery ASAP!  We took care of the surgery freeing Sugar from the pain of the calcium stone damaging her bladder.

Now, she needs more attention towards her damaged eyes.  Our doctor placed Sugar on eye meds, but her eyes still look very painful. We would like to take her in for a full eye exam with a Eye Specialist. She also needs a blood test for Cushings.   In total we are hoping to raise $400 towards these two urgent appointments, which will benefit Sugar and make her existence even more pain free.   Already, Sugar has made tremendous improvements due to CHR’s intervention.   Sugar was in bad shape, but she’s on the road to feeling wonderful like she once did when she was young.   WIth your generous donation Sugar will have her eyes treated and placed on medications for her likely Cushings condition.  Your donation is tax deductable!
CHR is a 501c3 Non-Profit.   To donate towards this doll’s medical, please visit our donation page or click here to be directed to our secure online donation page-
We are now accepting secure credit card donations right from our site!

Khloe the allergy tragedy enters CHR

Khloeside222  IMG_4042222

Khloe came to CHR this week from her owner desperate for help. Khloe’s mom has spent thousands of dollars trying to help with this little girl’s allergy issues, but after 4 years of trying to save her she had to throw up her hands and give her up. The only other choice was to humanely euthanize her to release her suffering. Our hearts went out to this poor little girl and she is now under the care one of our wonderful foster’s Liz. We’ve gathered all the allergy information from our seasoned rescuers and from our experienced contacts. Right now she is settling with her new surroundings. She has secondary yeast issues from her condition. Liz is going to document her progress with Khloe’s recovery.
Khloe will be visiting Holistic doctors and conventional doctors during her recovery.
Keep checking back for details on her recovery process. If you have a allergy dog you may just learn something!
Tax deductable donations for Khloe’s care can be made -